enhanced odds on Tim Sherwood to be sacked

Will Tim Sherwood Be The Next Manager To Be Sacked?

Rodgers and Advocaat are gone; what enhanced odds on Tim Sherwood to be sacked are available?

Well the two favourites have gone! For some time it was simply a question of whether Liverpool or Sunderland would blink first and, in obvious style, both managers went just a few hours apart. As soon as the International break started really.

It’s a real shame as Rodgers was box office gold and Dick Advocaat seemed, well, a nice old man, but business is business. We now move on to see who the next manager will be to get sacked and at present all fingers are pointing straight away at nice-but-dim Tim Sherwood.

What Enhanced Odds On Tim Sherwood To Be Sacked Are Available?

Well the best odds that we can find are as follows:

Will He Get Sacked Though?

I think unless anything dramatically changes then the answer is most definitely ‘yes’. It’s just a question of when this will happen for us. His famous ‘win percentage’ that he kept banging on about at Tottenham has whittled away and Villa are entrenched in the bottom three, four points adrift of safety with some difficult games to come – Swansea at home, Tottenham away and then Man City at home.

It would perhaps be poetic if his downfall was at the hands of the club that decided not to retain him.

Mix that in with the fact that his press conferences have got more and more bizarre over the last few weeks. He has claimed this weekend that he’s ‘bored’ of his team’s passing style and wants to go forward and attack more. Well that’s all very well but attacking teams much better than you can normally only end with one result. And Aston Villa haven’t won since the opening day of the season.

The rumours are out there that David Moyes is going to be sacked by Real Sociadad in Spain (one win in 8 games) and, typically as weird as the football world seems to be, he is favourite to step straight into the shoes of Sherwood at Villa Park in what would seem to be an obvious fit. They need to be more dour and solid at the back and there aren’t many that are dourer than David Moyes, believe me.

So make sure you check back to get the best enhanced odds on Tim Sherwood to be sacked !