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What Should You Look for in a Winning Racehorse?

Horse racing is a popular sport – watching on TV, attending meetings and placing a cheeky wager on the sport. And we all want to back a winning horse.

Some back horses based on their name, number, the colour of their jockey’s jersey, by the form guide or simply the horse racing odds. Whilst most of these strategies are based on luck, taking a look at the horses before the race can give you a better idea of a potential winner. Here are a few things to look out for:

The horse’s nature

Calm horses tend to be the best racehorses. So cross off any names in the parade ring that don’t look calm and relaxed.

The horse’s coat

A sleek and shiny coat is the sign of a horse that has been well fed and looked after. A coat in peak condition is the sign of a healthy horse and one capable of winning the upcoming race.

The horse’s ears

A focused horse will have its ears pointing forwards whilst an angry one has them pointing backwards.

The ground

Horses tend to prefer certain ground types – hard or soft. Check the races the horses have done well in recently and match them up the current conditions. When viewing the horses in the parade, the ones with the knees high prefer softer ground and those with a low, skimming action prefer a harder surface.

The horse’s form

Horses with 1, 2 and 3 in their recent form guide tend to be the better runners. But be sure to check out the above factors and not just take them on form only.
We can’t guarantee you a winner in every race but this guide will certainly help you pick a few winners next time to attend a horse racing event in person!