what is bet365 auto cash out

What Is Bet365 Auto Cash Out?

A new innovation has been released to help you win yet more cash! But what is bet365 auto cash out?

bet365 have introduced a new Auto Cash Out feature available on the bet365 desktop site, mobile site and app.

What Is Bet365 Auto Cash Out?

Any punter can apply a rule to their bet so that it automatically cashes out, either fully or partially, where the Cash Out amount offered reaches or exceeds a chosen value. The rule even applies when their betting account is logged out. As soon as the Cash Out value for the bet reaches or exceeds the threshold set, the bet will automatically be cashed out.

Bet365 Auto Cash Out Example

Should you enter £100 as the Auto Cash Out value and the Cash Out amount offered for the bet increases from £80 to £120 in one go, the bet will be Cashed Out for the new Cash Out amount of £120 not the Auto Cash Out value of £100.

This answers the question of whether you might accidentally miss out when there is a big leap between cash out values. Be aware that once you’ve set the auto cash out rule and it’s activated there is no going back though!

How to create a Bet365 Auto Cash Out Rule

Firstly you’ll need a Bet365 account. If you haven’t got one as yet you can grab a Bet365 welcome bonus as well as using the fantastic bet365 auto cash out function!

what is bet365 auto cash outSelect the cog icon next to the Cash Out button on the bet slip in My Bets, then enter a Cash Out value and choose for the bet to Cash Out entirely or partially and click Create Rule.

Players are able to remove the rule by selecting Remove Rule from the bottom of the bet slip. Any active rules can also be viewed on your bets via My Bets.

For Terms and Conditions of Auto Cash Out, please refer to the bet365 t’s and c’s area.