paddy power 2 up you win

Paddy Power 2 Up You Win – Get Your Winnings Early!

Have you ever put a bet on a team and see them fly into a two goal lead only to look on in horror as they manage to somehow throw it away? Before you get a chance to cash out the bet and get decent odds? Well the Paddy Power 2 Up You Win matched betting offer allows you to avoid those blues!

What is “2 Up You Win”?

Well it could be one of the best innovations the bookies have ever come up with! And not only is it available for football but the number of sports are increasing to include tennis, darts, rugby and many more!

The premise is very simple – place a bet on a single event such as Leicester City to beat Man United. The odds might be good, United might have injuries, etc, so let’s go with that one. If Leicester go into a 2-0 or a 3-1 lead you will win the bet immediately! That means that if United come back to win 3-2 or 4-3 you’ll still have won the bet!

It gives you the chance to win huge amounts of money with risk being massively reduced, especially if you pick games where the favourite is away from home and where the odds are longer. We all know that the big teams can have a wobble at times but come storming back once they get one goal back.

What Is So Good About The “2 Up You Win” Paddy Power Offer Though?

There are a few things we need to consider here.

If you put a bet on a team to go two goals up, especially if they aren’t the favourite and it comes in then you’ll be quids in. If you then lay the team that have gone two goals up and the opposition get a goal back you can make some money there too!

Also consider that you can use this service without any upper limit up to the amount that Paddy Power 2 Up You Win will allow you to bet. So far Paddy have seen huge bets up to £5,000 taking place for each match which will be music to the ears of those people who do arb bets (not that we recommend arbs on this site). The most you can win using the system is £25,000 but that sounds pretty good to me.

It also allows you to enjoy games a bit more. If you already have money locked in then you can enjoy a good old fight back from the opposition which we all enjoy (unless you really don’t like the team coming back obviously).

“Paddy Power 2 Up You Win” Terms and Conditions

There are obviously some terms and conditions that we need to consider – here are some of the most important ones:

Paddy Power 2 Up You Win Applies to all Premier League, La Liga games from Friday 11th August to 31st December & Champions League group stage games from 12th September to 31st December inclusive
Applies to pre-match singles in the Win-Draw-Win market only.
Offer does not apply to in-play bets, so you won’t be able to get the offer if you put a bet on at 1-0!
All winning bets will be credited into your account within 15 minutes of your selection going two goals up
Applies to all Online, Mobile, Phone and Text bets, but not for those placed in retail outlets
When you partially Cash Out a bet; the remaining part of your stake will be treated as a live bet and will be considered a stake in the same way as a regular single bet

So good luck using the Paddy Power 2 Up You Win system. I know I’ll certainly be giving it a go throughout the season.