paddy power track my bet

How Do I Use Paddy Power Track My Bet?

There are many cash out products out there. Paddy Power Track My Bet is the newest innovation on the market. We’re here to tell you all about it!

There are several problems in life that only matter to those involved in certain practices. People who put bets on at High Street bookies that can’t then cash out their bet later? First world problem it may be, but for those who put their bets on, go to the pub and then have to wait? Hell.

This can involve accumulators too, so tracking these and maximising your winnings can be difficult.

What Is Paddy Power Track My Bet?

Following the analysis of the devastating (for us) issue above, Paddy Power have developed a solution.

Now, if you place your bet at the bookies on the High Street you can track the bet on your mobile phone! This works in the same way as cash out does on the Paddy Power mobile site or website.

What Else Does Paddy Power Track My Bet Do?

There are of course loads of other things that the Track My Bet function can do. It’s not just a tool that lets you link bets from the High Street to your online account of course. That would be laughable. It allows you to:

– Get live match info on your phone or computing device
– Receive notifications on key events in the games you punted
– Transfer winnings to your Cash Card or account

Paddy Power are also working on loads of other stuff too from this function.

Is Paddy Power Track My Bet Available On All Mobiles?

The simple answer is ‘yes’. The Paddy Power app can be found as an App on the iPhone store and also on all Android phones. It’s also on Windows phones but probably not Blackberry. Poor old Blackberry phones. Probably not on those small throwaway Nokia phones that are coming back too. Snake maybe, but not Paddy Power apps.

Read more at the Paddy Power blog.

How Do I Start Using Paddy Power Track My Bet?

To experience this technology in all its glory, there are a couple of ways to do it.

Option 1: Type your mobile phone number before placing your bet and we’ll text you a link where you can see all your bets (for which you provided a number, of course)
Option 2: Go to or and use your bet ticket number to load it

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