hotshot jackpot

Hotshot Jackpot from Paddy Power – Play for Free and Win £250k

Paddy Power have launched a fantastic free competition for all their customers this year. Hotshot Jackpot allows you to win £250,000 (or more) simply by guessing which players will score goals in certain matches!

Best thing is that this is not only for new customers but is something that all existing users can play too. Oh, and it’s FREE to play!

This sits really well alongside all their other offers going into the 2016/17 Premier League season. And if you don’t have an account as yet you can grab a free bet too!

How Do I Play Hotshot Jackpot?

Well firstly you’ll need a Paddy Power account. Simply click on our exclusive Paddy Power link to go to the website and claim a free bet too. The link can be used by existing customers too – it won’t affect your account.

hotshotOnce you have an account you’ll see an icon on the right hand side of the screen advertising Hotshot Jackpot. Click on that icon and you’ll be taken to the area to start picking your selections.

You need to pick 1 player (anytime goalscorer) in each match that Paddy Power have selected that you think will score. To win the jackpot all eight players must then go on to score at any point during the match.

As an example one of the games could be Manchester United v Sunderland. You could pick an obvious player such as Zlatan, or maybe not so obvious such as Jack Rodwell. You’d have a much better chance of winning by picking Zlatan, but most people would have him.

Question is, do you try and be’ clever’ and go for less obvious players that no-one else would pick? Or just try and go for the big players and hope the perfect storm arrives that week?

You’ll also be asked a tiebreaker question just in case more than one person guesses the eight goalscorers. The game will close 5 minutes before kick off and changes can’t be made after this point. Player injured in the warm-up or taken off early? Tough!

How Can I Win Every Week?

As mentioned above, there is a £250k prize for anyone who gets all eight goalscorers correct.

hot playersThere is also a consolation prize of £2,500 for the person who scores the highest number of scorers. This will be awarded if no-one claims the full prize. The top 10 players in each round will also receive a prize of a £25 free bet so there is loads of cash to be won!

Large amounts of money will be paid out within 30 business days, whilst any free gets that are won will be credited within 24 hours.

What Is The Leaderboard Competition?

Paddy Power are going to create a league table of all entrants over the course of the season. That should be good fun and provide extra competition for everyone.

After all the rounds are completed at the end of the season the person with the highest score will win £2,500. If two people or more are tied then the last tie-breaker of the season will determine the winner.

What Else Do I Need To Know?

Well there are the obvious terms and conditions which are displayed on the website, but there is some important stuff.
* only one entry per person is permitted
* if any games are cancelled which were included in the 8 selections then that round will be void
* any cash winnings will be paid out by cheque (hopefully one of those comedy massive ones)

This offer sounds great to us and we’ll certainly be playing every week. Free stuff always sounds great though doesn’t it? So sign up for Hotshot Jackpot today and good luck! Unless you beat me of course.