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Can You Cash Out On Betfair?

We’ve seen it advertised a lot, but how do I use Betfair Cash Out to maximise my winnings?

Betfair are the company that invented the Betfair Cash Out option following their purchase of the Blue Square gambling company.

Today they offer markets on all sports (as opposed to particular events such as other companies), allowing punters to cash out their bet early as opposed to waiting for the event to finish. Think the team you have bet on will win but with five minutes to go things are looking a bit dodgy? Simply press the cash out button and receive a percentage of your proposed winnings based on the offer that Betfair have offered you!

We’ve all heard about the Leicester fans who cashed out their bets when they were going for the league last year. Would you have held out on your nerve? Clue: I wouldn’t have!

You can also use Cash Out to cash out on Accas you may have running. Got four results on the go but losing confidence after three of them have won? Then Betfair will let you cash out your bet for a reduced winnings rate. Take the winnings without the risk! And you can do this on mobile accounts too!

How To Use Cash Out On Betfair?

As mentioned above, the Betfair cash out system is easy to operate.

Simply place a bet on a sporting market (the majority of markets are available) at the odds offered. You will then immediately see a cash out offer next to your bet indicating what they will buy it back at. This return will no doubt be quite low to start with.

Once the event starts, such as a football match, this amount will change regularly. For example if you have put a bet on a team winning and they go ahead you’ll be offered more to end the bet now. If they go behind then Betfair will offer you less in case you want to take the money and run!

So, if I put a £10 bet on Everton to win at 5/1 (so winnings of £50) and they take the lead early? I might be offered maybe half of the money to end the bet – a profit of £25. Not bad. But if they then score again, or take the lead close to full time I might be offered a lot more. If the opposition are strong or are playing well I might very well be tempted to cash out early!

Here is the Betfair cash out advert to explain things further.

What Is The Betfair Cash Out Slider?

It’s easy. And our Cash Out slider does all the work. Simply open up the slider by clicking the “Cash Out part of my bet” in the dropdown list, and choose how much you wish to Cash Out.

Remember, you can Cash Out as many times as you like on a single bet, providing that the Cash Out slider is available.

Can I Use Cash Out On Horse Racing?

Yes, the Betfair Cash Out system can be used on horse racing as with most other sports.

You can cash out your ‘Win’ and ‘Each Way’ horse racing single and multiple bets, both before the race and during it. This is great for long distance races where those tipped to struggle may start well but drift later in the race.

Cash Out is available on a number of racing markets. Look out for the orange Cash Out symbol in the betslip as below. Cash Out is not available for antepost bets though.

Other Betfair Cash Out FAQs

What is the confirmation screen and how does it work?

The confirmation screen provides protection against accidental clicking of the Cash Out button. If you have the confirmation screen enabled, and click the Cash Out button, you will see an overlay summarising your Cash Out position, and be required to confirm you wish to proceed.

To manage whether the confirmation screen appears, go to the ‘settings’ tab at the top of the Cash Out page.

Why does my bet not appear on the Cash Out Page?

Betfair Cash Out is currently only available for certain bets. To ensure Cash Out is available for your bet, please check that all of the markets have the Cash Out icon next to them.

– Bets on Enhanced specials do not qualify for Cash Out
– Free bets are not eligible for cash out in many occasions

Does the take amount include my stake?

The ‘take’ amount is the total amount that will be returned to your account if the Cash Out is successful, and the stake will not be returned separately.

Why is the Cash out Offer Suspended?

When betting is suspended on a market, Cash Out offers for Singles on this market or for Multiples involving this market are also suspended. If the value of the Cash Out offer would be £0, the Cash Out offer is also suspended.

Why is there a delay when I click Cash Out?

During some In-Play events, delays are used to ensure that there is enough time to suspend the Cash Out when a major event occurs — such as a goal being scored

Why wasn’t my Cash Out successful?

Cash Out offers are not guaranteed. If there is a sudden large movement in market prices, your Cash Out may be unsuccessful. If your Cash Out is successful you will see a Success message. If your Cash Out fails, you will see a Failure message, and a new offer will appear.

When do I get my money?

When a Cash Out is successful, any returns are credited to the account immediately.

Can I Get A Betfair Free Bet?

Yes, of course. Betfair have a number of free bet systems, some being enhanced odds offers.

These offers are available from our enhanced offers page every day and involve silly odds being offered for sure-fire things. Winnings are normally returned in free bets and set you up to have some great fun betting for free with Betfair.

Yuo can also get a Betfair cash out boost the first time you use it. The company offer a 50% winnings bonus on whatever you return which is again an awesome start to your betting with them.

they also have a standard bet of £30 in free bets once yuo have bet £10. That is available via our special link below. Have fun, and gamble responsibly please.

We hope we’ve answered the question around ‘how do I use Betfair cash out’. For more information feel free to contact us via our Contacts page!