What Are The Best Bookies For Cash Out

Bet sensibly with the cash out in play option

Sports betting has never been more popular than it is today, and as long as it stays within the realms of responsible gambling, it can be great. Many people find that it allows them to maximise the thrill and excitement they get out of watching, following and supporting their favourite sports, sportsmen and women and team play.
The development of the internet together with mobiles, online connectivity and the latest apps have added a whole new dimension to the notion of having a flutter. One of the most recent innovations in the industry is that of cash out in play.

Increasing your chances of winning

If you are someone who likes to have a flutter, you will probably be all too familiar with having your hopes for a pay-out dashed when something unexpected happens. It is after why betting is called gambling. You are gambling on your stake money earning winnings, but equally, you are accepting the fact that it might just disappear leaving you out of pocket.

But with the new “cash out in play” option, you can reduce the chances of losing if things appear to be going against you, and even enhance your opportunities of winning by playing safe.

How “cash out in play” works

Lots of casinos and online platforms such as Bet365, Coral, William Hill, and Sportingbet now offer this option. How does it work? Well, it’s very simple. Let’s say that you were betting that Spurs were going to beat Arsenal in the local Derby. If Spurs go 1-0 up, you’ll be happy. But in the back of your mind, you might also worry that the Gunners might draw level or even sneak in a last-minute winner.

If you are having second thoughts and you opted for a “cash out in play” option when you put the bet on, you can end the bet and take any winnings you are due when your side went a goal up. Of course, you might not get the full odds that were prevalent when you placed the bet. However, you will get your stake money back, plus a percentage of the odds.

You need to check out the “cash-out” option at the time of placing on your bet. It’s not something that is available on every contract, although it is quite widely available.

Where it really comes in handy though, is when you’ve placed a multiple bet or accumulator that covers a number of matches, races or competitions.

Taking much of the risk out of accumulator betting

If you’ve ever lost potential winnings on an accumulator when you were only one step away from reaping a large sum of money, you’ll know just how frustrating that can be. But, if you placed your accumulator on a “cash out in play” option (or accas, or roll-ups as they are also known), you can take your winnings out (or a percentage of them) when the multiple bet still has events to be played.

It means that you can significantly lower your risk of possibly losing any potential winnings your bet has chalked up to date.
A lot is talked about today in terms of responsible gambling and going down the “cash out in play” route when you can, goes a long way towards betting sensibly.