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The Top 5 Cash Out In Play Bookies

BookiesWhat Cash Out Tools Are Available?Link to Bookies
bet365Biggest market available in the UK and beyond.

Singles, accas and Partial options available.
willhillCash In My Bet - use it on a wide number of sports betting markets including accas.
Get a bonus of up to 50% on your cash out values every time using Sky Bet Tracker!
betfairBonus on your first use - value up to 50%.

Singles and acca options available.

Use Partial Cash Out on all available markets.
coralEnd your bets early on single or multiple bets on certain markets.

How Do You Use It?

Ever been watching a football match with a bet on and getting a bit nervous about whether you are going to win some cash or not? Or had an acca on and been concerned that 5 of your 6 matches are winning but one is drawing?

Well now you can stop the bet in it’s tracks and claim some winnings instead! Most bookies have brought out their own versions now and we have a guide to the very best offers out there!

cash out in play So how does it work? Well it’s quite simple really. If you put £10 on a bet at odds of, say 10/1 and it looks like it’s winning with five minutes to go, the bookies will offer you a certain amount to stop the bet. I guess you could compare it to the banker trying to buy a box off someone on Deal or No Deal!

So if you decide to sell your bet for £80 then it will all be over and you take the money. And of course you’ll then be hoping that the other team score to prove you right!

We’ve seen many examples of this coming off where teams have been ahead by some distance and punters have wisely cashed out for almost the full winnings. Unfortunately they’ve then seen the opposition come back and get a result. Now that’s the kind of use of cashing out that we want to see!

Bookies now offer partial Cash Out Bet365 offer so you’ve the chance to sell some of the bet. You can then keep a little bit back so you can enjoy the original wager.

What Is Partial Cash Out?

You can now use the partial function to gain even more flexibility on your betting!

Example: you have a bet on an event at, say, odds of 10/1 but find that the odds have plummeted and you are offered a great price. However, you think that you might still have a great chance of your original bet coming in.

I guess the example could be a golf event where your player is 2 up with three holes to play. You know that you’re almost there, but there is a chance that it could all go wrong!

partial cash outSo what you can now do is do a partial cash out. You can use a slider (see below) to choose how much of the bet you want to take, and how much you want to let ride on the original bet. This is great for those people that like to be cautious and maybe remove their original stake so they can let the bet ride and have a no-risk bet!

The money left on the bet will now continue at the same odds as originally agreed so you can have the excitement continue!

Which Bookmakers Offer Cash Out In Play?

Most of the major bookmakers like Bet365 and Betfair allow for cash out these days, with some better than others we must admit!

The original companies that came out with the tool, Betfair and then Bet365, have a great offering with plenty of markets to keep you interested. They also give great bonuses for people who want to use the tool for the first time.

There are then the new kids on the block such as SkyBet who have built the functionality into an app with additional features that give more info to users. This extra data allows you to understand whether you should cash out in a game or not, i.e. seeing if your team is winning well or just hanging on to a victory!

Most of the bookies also give you a bonus that you can play with. We have listed these below for you to consider when looking for a bookie to sign up with.

Can I Get A Bonus From Betting In Play?

What Is Sky Bet Tracker Cash OutOne other thing that Betfair do is give every new customer that uses Cash Out a 50% bonus on their winnings. This means you can take out the money and get a cheeky bonus to start off your in-play career. Sounds like a fantastic deal to us! So the first time that you use the function you can take it easy and cash out early but still make some decent money from it! Why not try Paddy Power’s in play site that comes with the same functionality plus crazy offers!

It’s also now very easy to use bet in play cash out. The code-based system Coral requested by those that wanted to use it have been removed. Instead now the tool is a standard thing, such as Acca Insurance that many companies offer. The tool that Bet365 provide is one of the biggest around, and one I certainly use.

What Is Acca Cash Out In Play?

Having the cash out tool available to you might be fun for individual bets, but it’s now essential for accumulator betting. It allows you to put an accumulator on a number of events such as football matches, and then remove your winnings halfway through.

One of the most frustrating things for anyone betting is to have an acca on a few matches and be waiting for one final result to come in. The match might not even be on the same day. What acca cash out allows you to do is choose to end your bet before the final event is even played.

Consider that you have 5 matches being played on a Saturday afternoon at the same time. If they are all winning with twenty minutes to go you have a choice. You can let the bet ride and see if it wins, or take the amount that you’re being offered at that point by the bookie to cash out. The risk will be yours that those 5 teams all continue to win their games right up until full time.

acca cash out

The other scenario is that four results have all come in as predicted and you are waiting for a late kick off to start. You will be given the option to cash out the bet at this point and can lock in the profit. Or of course, if betting with them, you can use the Bet365 partial function to take some profit and let the original bet go. The choice is yours!

What Sports Markets Can I Use It On?

The number of sports markets that you can use cash out in play on now are huge. In the early days the function was only available on selected football matches. This has now exploded in terms of the number of markets available, especially on particular websites.

These days some of the websites do still limit it (Paddy Power do this for instance). It’s always worth checking against the bet you’ve highlighted whether cash out in play is possible. There is a cash symbol next to those events in Paddy Power where you can use it.

Across the other main websites such as Betfair and Bet365 there are hundreds of events and markets you can bet on. The focus just on football has finished. You can now cash out on horse racing, snooker, 100m hurdles, American Football plus many more markets! As mentioned above, it’s always great to check whether cash out  is available for that particular event if you are thinking of relying on it though.

When Will I Not Be Able To Use Cash Out?

As mentioned above, it’s always good to check if you can use it on a particular event before placing the bet. One thing is for sure though:

If you are looking to use a special offer such as a free bet you will not be able to end the bet whilst in play. The terms and conditions of the free bet or special offer will dictate this, so it’s best to check these before you use it.

One person I heard of had Leicester City to win the league at 1,000-1 using a £2 free bet. When it looked like they might have a chance he wanted to end the bet early but wasn’t allowed to under the terms agreed. Luckily there was a happy ending to that story, but I’ll bet he had a few sleepless nights!

Can I Get A Free Bet To Try Cash Out?

Of course you can. We have some fantastic free bet deals for you and have detailed them below. Open an account with one of the companies that we recommend and claim your deal. You’ll then be able to use cash out in play as much as you like! Remember that the partial option is available too via the Bet365 site.

BookiesWelcome Deal 
paddyPaddy Power Free Bets Offer

Bet £10 and get £30 in Free Bets
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willhillWilliam Hill free bet
Bet £10, Get £30 in Free Bets!
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betfredBetfred Free Bet
Bet £10, Get £30 in Free Bets
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888888 Treble Odds Deal
Get treble the odds on your first bet with 888 Sports
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coralCoral Free Bet
Bet £5m Get £20 in Free Bets
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So whether you use Coral, Bet365 or any other companies, make sure you use it wisely. Oh, and make sure that are only betting an amount that you can afford. We want to make sure you bet responsibly. All free bet offers are available for 18+ new customers only. Terms and conditions apply.

I hope this site is helpful to you and that you use the cash out function as much as you can!